Fall 2006

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Make Like a Salamander

Can a salamander teach us how to grow back limbs? More »

Of Note

  • Why are some generations
    violent than others?
  • Can aspirin kill cancer?

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Closer [PDF 652 KB]

[PDF 298 KB]
Omega-3s and the other white meat.
A student probes how environmental and genetic factors relate in Parkinson's.
In the future, we may cure "senior moments."

Attending [PDF 209 KB]
The graduating class president on losing and finding yourself in med school.
Katrina Firlik on memorable stains.

Match Results [PDF 189 KB]
And they're off...

Alumni News [PDF 1019 KB]
Toxic avenger.
Doctoring in rural America.

Last Call [PDF 82 KB]
The Starzl trainee migration.


Next of Kin

In the world of organ donation, tens of thousands of second chances begin with a tragic loss. Families of deceased organ donors let us into their lives. [PDF 1.4 MB]

Break on Through

Our Thomas Starzl story continues with talk of tolerance and snail fur. Starzl Institute leaders ponder these topics in their attempts to do away with the need for immunosuppressive drugs. [PDF 534 KB]

Difficult Gifts

What a rare and harrowing disease can reveal. [PDF 645 KB]