Fall 2007

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“What Possessed You?"

Why do they jump from tire swings into shallow water? Why do they drive
recklessly? Why do they do that to their hair? In short, why do teens do
“teenage” things? Oh, if only they were fully myelinated.
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Of Note

  • NIH doubles support of Pitt's MD/PhDs.
  • Reading is fundamental.
  • The sonic flashlight shines.

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Closer [PDF 122 KB]
The fastest physician on four wheels hits the racetrack to raise awareness of the need
for transplantable organs.

[PDF 313 KB]
Sorting out cellular sorting.
Autism may be all about connections.

98.6 DEGREES [PDF 99 KB]
A hometown physician and his eponymous prize.

Attending [PDF 145 KB]
Learning to lead.

Alumni News [PDF 3 MB]
A good walk spoiled:
Pitt medders hit the links
to help med students.

Last Call [PDF 108 KB]
Monkey business.


Breaking Ground

Med students learn that to serve patients abroad, it’s as vital to know the local culture as it is to know medicine. [PDF 423 KB]

Crime Scenes

Whether it’s the study of the factors that lead youth toward delinquency or all Irish fiction, the Loebers take the long view. [PDF 325 KB]

Inside the Blackout

The trials of childhood brain trauma.
[PDF 183 KB]