FALL 2008

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bad company

Understanding cancer’s nature may be the only way we can keep it at a distance. Scientists are building a profile of this ne’er-do-well among us—the formative influences, characteristics, and guises that make it so effective. They’re even learning how we enable it.
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Of Note

  • A Pitt prof ’s work helps train SEALs.
  • “The Change” gets a makeover.
  • Women make big inroads
    in orthopaedics at Pitt.

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Closer [PDF 203 KB]
Expert weaves.

[PDF 165 KB]
A bionic knee brace.
A new role for old proteins.
Building a researcher’s paradise.

Attending [PDF 141 KB]
Emily Storch’s hard-earned comeback.

Alumni News [PDF 182 KB]
What whiskers tell us about brain circuitry.
Theodore Liou knows how to get Reuters to call.

Last Call [PDF 99 KB]
An extraordinary time.


Diabetes Trials

Massimo Trucco and Nick Giannoukakis are attempting to cure type 1 diabetes using an approach that, at first, seems counterintuitive.
So far, results are promising.
[PDF 142 KB]

The Fish and the Med Student

Within days of finishing their first-year exams,
15 Pitt med students boarded a plane bound for coastal Maine. During six days of an intense research immersion experience on Mt. Desert Island, the students came to know the ins and
outs of the little skate, the South African claw-toed frog, and Maine lobster.
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