Fall 2009

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10 FOR 10

Happy birthday to us! Ten years ago, we published the first issue of Pitt Med. This, the one you’re reading now, is our 40th. In the course of that decade, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine people have found that presumed molecular enemies can also be our friends; that it’s not only possible, but it can be advisable, to remove brain tumors through the nose; that a medical school can mold graduates who are primed to be physicians and scientists; and then some.
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Of Note

  • Revising the psychiatrist’s bible.
  • We’re Number 5!
  • Pitt med-ers run for Kenya.

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Closer [PDF 206 KB]
The making of a meal.

[PDF 248 KB]
Small caves and smoked cells.
Not a dry eye in the house ... someday.
Muscling out diabetes.

Attending [PDF 335 KB]
The death of smallpox.

Alumni News [PDF 3.75 MB]
Greg Feero becomes a family (medicine) man.
Magic bullets and a new bull’s-eye.

Last Call [PDF 116 KB]
The evolution of H1N1.