Fall 2010

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Mars and venus, revisited

Pitt scientists are sorting out sex-based disparities in the nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and immune systems and elsewhere that have important implications for health. Men and women seem to be more different than we'd imagined—even at the cellular level.
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Of Note

  • Ginkgo? Forget it.
  • Fighting for children.
  • NICU at the zoo.

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Closer [PDF 283 KB]
We are family.

[PDF 1 MB]
Gone fishin' for omega-3s.
DNA damage and Friedreich's ataxia.
Immunity spurred.

Attending [PDF 1.3 MB]
"I can't believe this is a hospital."

Alumni News [PDF 844 KB]
Academic house calls.
Zane Gates takes compassionate care to the road.

Last Call [PDF 127 KB]
Memories of med school and the Mon.


Bricks That Fell Upward

David Gitlin was one of the world's first and best immunochemists. His Pitt legacy includes the discovery of widely used prenatal biomarkers, the guidance of young scientists, and the inability to suffer fools gladly.
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Mission Creep

What's a millimeter long, transparent, and a vital tool for scientific discovery?
Look inside and C. (elegans).
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