Fall 2012

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Missing Links

New technology, developed at Pitt, tracks the physical connections that allow the brain to work. It's already helping patients and neurosurgeons.
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Of Note

  • A home for personalized medicine.
  • New program trains docs in
    family medicine and psychiatry.

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Closer [PDF 254 KB]
Pitt students are good news
for local broadcaster.

[PDF 989 KB]
Lymphedema unveiled.
The genetic "captain" of fibroids.
The underpinnings of gestational diabetes.

Attending [PDF 539 KB]
Summer stories.

Alumni News [PDF 4.5 MB]
A wealth of Dunmires.
Charles Cochrane's new
drug will save newborns.

Last Call [PDF 153 KB]
That's not natural.


Every Movement Counts

Neurosurgeon and basic scientist Robert Friedlander, who makes astonishingly good use of his time, says Pitt has everything he was looking for in a chair opportunity.
[PDF 325 KB]

Mitochondria's Many Missions

Addicts, Parkinson's, ischemia/reperfusion injury, and very sick flies. Mitochondria tie them together.
[PDF 242 KB]

Survival of the Funded

Nationally, the ecosystems that support getting scientific discoveries into the clinic have been pretty fragile. A few years ago, the NIH stepped in to help. Pitt's Clinical and Translational Science Institute has helped create a healthy environment here.
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