May 2006

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Only Starzl Dared To

When Tom Starzl set out to cure liver disease, success required more failure than most people could stomach. More »

Of Note

  • Gains in weight research.
  • Pitt's dirty bomb squad.
  • The new chair of medicine has some jittery mice.

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Closer [PDF 118 KB]
Many clever ideas are drafted on napkins; Bill Hughes has been known to make them reality.

[PDF 194 KB]
Scientists learn how a protein's form affects its function.
Novels and other novel student projects.
An experimental drug may help schizophrenic patients with cognitive problems.

98.6 Degrees [PDF 77 KB]
Please be nice when indebted students call.

Attending [PDF 86 KB]
No combat veteran comes home the same.

Alumni News [PDF 1096 KB]
Ed Curtiss championed each and every Pitt med student.

Last Call [PDF 112 KB]
An exclusive guest list for this party.


Free-Will Hunting

Some people seem to be able to control their actions better than others. We asked a neurobiologist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a philosopher, and a patient nearly unanswerable questions about will. They gave us a peek at how we are wired.[PDF 335 KB]

Right Under Our Nodes

Olivera Finn believes our best bet for detecting and destroying cancer is to hone our immune responses.[PDF 167 KB]