Spring 2007

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To Live and Dye

When exactly does someone become vulnerable to an arrhythmia?
To find out, Guy Salama studies how hearts are wired.
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Of Note

  • HIV pathway discovered.
  • The Class of ’09 has big plans.
  • Deadly medicine.

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Closer [PDF 117 KB]
Drop and give her eight—
then Melanie Grubisha will give you a new appreciation of biomechanics.

[PDF 149 KB]
A machine for regrowing skin.
Genes that protect against Crohn’s.

98.6 Degrees [PDF 64 KB]
A dying cancer researcher made sure the work she cared about continues.

Attending [PDF 211 KB]
Students shaped by war.

Alumni News [PDF 954 KB]
Many Pittsburghers with scoliosis remember how William Donaldson Jr. changed their lives.
Todd Wolynn on mother’s milk.

Last Call [PDF 108 KB]
Last wishes.


The Beginner's Mind

How team mentoring and $4.5 million a year are changing clinical research at Pitt. [PDF 235 KB]

Learning What Their Hands Already Know

A study in trauma and recovery. [PDF 247 KB]

Peculiar Material

Scientists have linked 24 disorders, starting with Alzheimer’s, to unruly mobs of proteins. Now David Perlmutter and Jeffrey Brodsky think they’re on to how to keep such proteins from causing so much trouble. [PDF 234 KB]