Spring 2008

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A New Diet for Docs

No free lunches. No tchotchkes. Yet patients, as well as Pitt and the biomedical industry, have everything to gain.
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Of Note

  • How do you build a lab to study
    highly contagious pathogens? Pitt knows.
  • Nobelist Mario Capecchi visits.

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Closer [PDF 124 KB]
Getting to know a 2,300-year-old boy.

[PDF 480 KB]
A worm that causes elephantiasis may tell us about immunity.
Another worm reveals secrets of necrosis.

98.6 DEGREES [PDF 137 KB]
Raising Children’s.

Attending [PDF 435 KB]
Med students in Mozambique build their confidence with the help of Pitt faculty.

Alumni News [PDF 3.44 MB]
Vonda Wright respects her elders— especially those who can run a 4-minute mile.
A cold Valentine’s Day that warmed our hearts.

Last Call [PDF 279 KB]
Over fate and foe victorious.


Put a Band-Aid on That Incision

Just another minimally invasive liver resection. [PDF 392 KB]

Birth of a Tumor

Almost a century ago, Theodor Boveri put forward a hypothesis on the origin
of cancer. Now, two scientists at Pitt believe they can show he was right. [PDF 688 KB]

Take-out Medicine

If Ateev Mehrotra’s research bio were turned into a late-night comedy bit, it could be titled “Top 10 Ways to Shake up Your Doctor’s World.”
[PDF 810 KB]