Spring 2009

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How Does It Do That?

How does a small team of DNA repair proteins keep billions of base pairs in
good working order? You could hypothesize about it, or you could just take a look. That’s what Bennett Van Houten did.
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Of Note

  • Those with loved ones in the ICU
    are at risk for post-traumatic stress.
  • A semi for science.

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Closer [PDF 122 KB]
After a harrowing accident, Meghan Wilson began to think she wouldn’t fulfill her dreams.

[PDF 351 KB]
Growing big hearts.
Bipolar disorder in children.

Attending [PDF 363 KB]
Arguments for and against
the existence of God.

Alumni News [PDF 4.4 MB]
Eberlein on what he’d like surgeons to do differently.
Bergman’s beard made things hairy at Pitt.

Last Call [PDF 390 KB]
What would Mendeleev do?


Invisible No More

Ronald Herberman steps down as director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute this winter, ending an era of remarkable growth.
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A Choice Choice

Renowned breast cancer expert Nancy Davidson will lead the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Her colleagues and patients at Johns Hopkins want Pittsburgh to know how lucky we are to have her on the team.
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I Thought I Could Fly

Mental illness in the first person.
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