Spring 2011

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“None of My
Memories Are My Own”

A devastating auto accident stole Derrick Gaines' memory. He and his
wife, Pitt med alum Anna Gaines, have learned to navigate a new life
and have fallen in love again.
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Of Note

  • Surprising RNA.
  • Impoverished patients.
  • A twist in Parkinson's tangles.

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Closer [PDF 2 MB]
The last reunion?

[PDF 1 MB]
Postpartum depression: more than hormones.
Killing cancer intelligently.
A viscous cycle.

Attending [PDF 1.3 MB]
Art as a break from Alzheimer's.

Alumni News [PDF 844 KB]
He who can't wait to teach.
Catching up with the
Class of '66.
Offit on vaccines.

Last Call [PDF 2 MB]
Ruth Levine's artful life.


What Hit Her

The repercussions of traumatic brain injury are becoming clearer as Pitt people illuminate this murky realm.
[PDF 3 MB]

The Doctor Doctors

Pitt people are finding out what treatments work best and for whom. Can they help solve a $2.3 trillion question, too?
[PDF 2.8 MB]

The Recruiter

How Thomas Detre's skills as a talent scout, as well as a visionary, helped transform a medical school and a hospital system.
[PDF 3 MB]