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It's Not Just in Your Head

Chronic pain: Why is it so implacable and unyielding? Pitt investigators are finding their way to answers and, with that, perhaps to a brighter future for millions.
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Of Note

  • The liver and diabetes.
  • Censorship or wisdom?
  • P-I-T-T spells I-O-M.

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Closer [PDF 173 KB]
Genes leak, things change.

[PDF 217 KB]
A man's thoughts make a robotic arm move.
MUC'd up.
Secrets to aging well.

Attending [PDF 245 KB]
Temple Grandin on intervention.

Alumni News [PDF 4.3 MB]
Ismene Petrakis—a triple threat.
Hand transplant stories.

Last Call [PDF 130 KB]
Outsider art.


"He Seemed to Be Trapped
in a World He Didn't Like"

People with schizophrenia struggle profoundly with certain cognitive tasks. David Lewis thinks that understanding related brain processes is the road to promising new treatments.
[PDF 312 KB]

What Were We Talking About?

When teens use marijuana, does it stunt brain development and open the door for psychosis?
[PDF 827 KB]

The Evangelist of Bronchoscopy

Chevalier Jackson was appointed head of laryngology at Pitt in 1900, then went on to other medical schools to spread "the gospel of safe bronchoscopy." The astonishing doctor removed safety pins, keys, and coins from his often very young patients, holding onto 2,000 such objects as keepsakes.
[PDF 485 KB]