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Heal Thyself

Can injured hearts and ruined nerves be made whole by something not
human being placed inside a human? Pitt investigators say yes, with the
help of nature.
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Of Note

  • Cyborg mom.
  • Asthma reconsidered.

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Closer [PDF 435 KB]
Pitt in Italy.

[PDF 604 KB]
Good night, manic mouse.
A gutsy turn.
Tackling TB.

Attending [PDF 1.5 MB]
Lunching with Levine.

Alumni News [PDF 8.2 MB]
MAA says, "Come home."
Packing for Malawi.

Last Call [PDF 305 KB]
A surgical staple.


The Surgical Curmudgeon

Mark Ravitch introduced America to the surgical stapler, he put Pitt surgeons through trying times at morbidity and mortality conferences, and he left an eternal mark on the art of operating.
[PDF 312 KB]

A Confluence at Three Rivers

The dean's perspective on the next big thing in medicine (make that three things) and how Pittsburgh is poised to make the most of this
[PDF 618 KB]