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“Plain People,” Complex Cures

The Amish and Mennonites are highly susceptible to inherited metabolic
disorders. At the Clinic for Special Children near Lancaster, Pa., doctors
refer all patients in need of curative transplants to Pitt.
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Of Note

  • Pancreatic cancer’s genetic helper.
  • Stress and a sweet tooth.
  • Rickets may be back.

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Closer [PDF 117 KB]
At 17, it was about time she got
a research gig at Cal Tech.

[PDF 149 KB]
Ubiquitin—it’s everywhere!
What do you feed trauma patients who can’t feed themselves?

Attending [PDF 143 KB]
Science and murder.

Alumni News [PDF 985 KB]
David Sherwood has seen
some real cliffhangers.
A cancer drug that kills cancer too fast.

Last Call [PDF 108 KB]
Frankenstein’s 190th birthday.


The Modern Deathbed

The modern death ritual centers around the pounding of chests and other heroic measures. But that’s not what we say we want. Where do
doctors fall short of offering “the good death”? [PDF 223 KB]

Defining Moments

Four Class of ’62 standouts look back on 45 years of discovery. [PDF 184 KB]

Telltale Hearts, and Veins

Synthetic cardiac tissue is a design conundrum, but Pitt bioengineers
are attracting attention with their prospective solutions. [PDF 200 KB]