Summer 2008

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Yoel Sadovsky wants to know what makes one pregnancy succeed while
another fails. He takes over the reins of the Magee-Womens Research Institute
as his former mentor James Roberts steps aside.
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Of Note

  • ER deaths aren’t usually a source for
    organ donations, but that may change.
  • Progress in understanding autism’s origins.
  • Breast cancer from a virus carried by mice?

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Closer [PDF 124 KB]
Not-so-easy riders.

[PDF 388 KB]
A little bead takes on a rapacious killer of ICU patients.
A Pitt husband-and-wife team have now bagged two viruses linked to cancer.

Attending [PDF 173 KB]
This Tuskegee airman will tell you persistence is a sort of defiance.

Alumni News [PDF 3.05 MB]
Remembering Frank Dixon and Edwin Fisher.
STDs in the city.

Last Call [PDF 124 KB]
Questionable demises.


“Test My Blood.
I’m Not a Drinker.”

It’s time to get over the idea that patients suffering from pancreatitis also are alcoholics, say Pitt doctors. They are opening up new ways of thinking about the organ and its diseases—notably, pancreatic cancer.
[PDF 264 KB]

The Investigator’s Path

About one-third of students in the School of Medicine are on the PhD path.
These programs have burgeoned in the past few years. Who are these students? [PDF 248 KB]

Liquid Gold

Stem cells from a plentiful source: fat.
[PDF 144 KB]