Summer 2010

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How Do You Capture the Ephemeral?

It’s generally agreed that cancer stem cells are difficult to study effectively.
Ed Prochownik might have just made it a whole lot easier.
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Of Note

  • Cracks in HIV’s armor.
  • Stimulating funding.
  • From bench to bassinet.

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Closer [PDF 95 KB]
At the heart of the dance.

[PDF 380 KB]
Piggy in the middle.
A tail of Huntington’s.

Attending [PDF 496 KB]
Married, with science.

Alumni News [PDF 4.5 MB]
Seeing the world.
Cross-border commute.

Last Call [PDF 962 KB]
Trailing spouses in the lead.


B.F. and A.F.,
Before Ferg and After Ferg

A century of orthopaedics at Pitt.
[PDF 668 KB]


New Pitt recruit Alexander Sorkin blends caution and inspiration in a quest to sort out how cells usher in the good guys and shut out the bad ones.
[PDF 162 KB]

Very Carefully

Industry and academic medicine are partners by necessity. How should they work together?
[PDF 450 KB]