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of med and machine

Robots help us build cars, vacuum our carpets, and defuse bombs. At Pitt, they are taking a lead role in saving and improving lives.
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Of Note

  • A cognitive cocktail.
  • Fishy kidneys.
  • Golfing for scholarships.

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Closer [PDF 2 MB]
A nobel pursuit.

[PDF 1 MB]
Ear infection in no uncertain terms.
Mapping baby's genes from mom's blood.
N.O. research takes us to unexpected places.

Attending [PDF 1.3 MB]
Time to meet the oracle.

Alumni News [PDF 844 KB]
Allen's powers of proprioception.
Remembering Bailey, Michaels, and Pople.
Heit on an epidemic of undertreatment.

Last Call [PDF 225 KB]
Magic, muggles, and medicine.


"We're Here Because
We Want to Be."

As Schweitzer Fellows, Pitt med-ers learn to build service into their everyday, hectic schedules.
[PDF 3 MB]

Lessons in Survival

We still have much to learn about breast cancer. But thanks to this headliner disease, doctors now understand cancer better overall.
[PDF 837 KB]

The Labyrinth

Drug discovery at Pitt embraces the complexity of life, rather than running from it, says D. Lansing Taylor, who now heads the effort.
[PDF 4 MB]