Summer 2012

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Sleeping's Beauty

Every single aspect of our health that's been measured so far has been
directly linked to sleep. Lucky for us, it is a modifiable behavior.
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Of Note

  • About face.
  • Long live mice!

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Closer [PDF 190 KB]
Rub my belly 101.

[PDF 217 KB]
Fat and the pancreas.
Giving a fish Parkinson's.
A double-duty molecule.

Attending [PDF 388 KB]

Alumni News [PDF 4.3 MB]
The Class of '02 remembers.
Madoff beefs up the liver.

Last Call [PDF 130 KB]
Anatomy's greatest "teachers."


The Meaning of Life,
Told with 13 Polypeptides

We've long known that mitochondria are the cell's power plants, but now scientists are learning just how vital they are to our well-being. In the first
half of the Pitt Mitochronicles, we look at the organelle's DNA-repair process and recently unveiled connections to cancer.
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The Great Equalizer

In the spring of 1923, Davenport Hooker began to change the way medical students learned anatomy.
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