Summer 2013

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He "brought up" Pitt's Department of Psychiatry from being home to a few dozen faculty members to the powerhouse it is today. He's been
called the Mentor of All Mentors. And now David Kupfer would like to see the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, psychiatry's handbook, help his field come into its own. Meet the man behind the manual.
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Of Note

  • Stopping cancer's great divide.
  • Street smarts.

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Closer [PDF 710 KB]
Flower (and microscope) power.

[PDF 365 KB]
Interrogating genes of interest.
Try not to scratch!

Attending [PDF 560 KB]
The "kids" are more than all right.

Alumni News [PDF 2.6 MB]
Better pharma for mamas.
Wilson's road to Washington.

Last Call [PDF 186 KB]
Marquee faculty.

Rats won't toss their cookies, no matter how many they eat.


DSM 5.0

Its title is dry, but an awful lot of people care deeply about what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has to say. David
Kupfer delves into the depths of crafting the latest edition, which he sees as a "living document."
[PDF 224 KB]

The Scourge of the NICU

NEC may be the most important and confounding disease you've never heard of.
[PDF 534 KB]