Winter 2006/07

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Evolution of Flu

Scientists chart influenza's new identities, tracking how a sniffle could become a scourge.
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Of Note

  • The White House honors Beatriz Luna.
  • Getting to know the Class of 2010.
  • Top reasons to see a therapist.

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Closer [PDF 91 KB]
We're with the band.

[PDF 196 KB]
There's more to addiction
than that feel-good sensation,
it seems.

98.6 Degrees [PDF 65 KB]
Generations of Hamiltons look out for future medical scientists.

Attending [PDF 148 KB]
A small-town practice goes
pharma-freebie free.

Alumni News [PDF 1180 KB]
For one alum,
Katrina brings up power issues.

Last Call [PDF 125 KB]
The rations that may have saved the Union.


Everybody Hurts

A writer discusses the nature of physical suffering with Gerald Gebhart, probably the world's preeminent pain researcher and a new Pitt recruit, as well as with pain treatment specialist Doris K. Cope. [PDF 235 KB]

New Math

Menacing diseases like tuberculosis could be thwarted by mathematical modeling, researchers are discovering. [PDF 247 KB]

In the Timing

Ernst Knobil's research laid the groundwork for revolutionary treatments for dwarfism, infertility, and prostate cancer. [PDF 234 KB]