Winter 2007/08

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The Drive

In his zeal to find treatments for lung diseases, Pitt’s chair of medicine
has been known to experiment on himself.
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Of Note

  • What ever happened to
    the paperless hospital?
  • Another reason for a glass of wine.
  • A mural reduces the need for sedatives.

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Closer [PDF 151 KB]
Mapping memory.

[PDF 175 KB]
MicroRNA pulled from the junk pile.
Treating the gut with behavioral therapy.

98.6 DEGREES [PDF 61 KB]
Ake Grenvick, a critical care legend.

Attending [PDF 189 KB]
It’s all about the nightlife
at this summer camp.

Alumni News [PDF 945 KB]
Robert Yellon builds ears.
A rough introduction to the NFL.

Last Call [PDF 108 KB]
Grim Rea-purr.


Where Thoughts Happen

Does imaging technology tell doctors what they think it does?
Seong-Gi Kim works to make fMRI more precise. [PDF 207 KB]

Remember the Myth Among Them

Jack Coulehan says that at the core of medicine is a poetic sensibility.
He is living proof. [PDF 270 KB]

Looking Out for Old Friends

As older adults lose loved ones and deal with failing health, they’re not destined for clinical depression, Charles Reynolds, an authority on late life mood disorders, says on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. [PDF 369 KB]