WINTER 2009/10

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Wobbly knees

Freddie Fu, working with Lucy the hominid, several zoo animals, and a team of scientists, looks to comparative evolution to find the best fix for torn ACLs.
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Of Note

  • Containing “superbugs.”
  • Meet the doc-umentarian.
  • HHMI supports five Pitt med students.

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Closer [PDF 259 KB]
Helping firefighters keep their cool.

[PDF 1.7 MB]
Blast injuries and biomarkers.
Giving women control over their sexual health.

Attending [PDF 426 KB]
The road from Morehouse to Scaife Hall.
A doctor’s first white coat.

Alumni News [PDF 4.6 MB]
James Gammie observed a rare surgical procedure at Pitt; now he’s making it his own.

Last Call [PDF 59 KB]
Evolution corrected.


An Invisible Problem

Pitt researchers imagine other ways of seeing at the new Center for Vision Restoration.
[PDF 456 KB]

The “Now What?” Field
of Medicine

For Pitt’s rehab docs, making the impaired body work as well as it can involves getting transplanted stem cells to act their age, among other inspired feats.
[PDF 278 KB]

Trapped Minds

It can take as much as a decade to correctly diagnose bipolar disorder. Mary Phillips
hopes imaging can speed up the process, saving time and reducing suffering.
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