Winter 2011/12

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Edison said that genius is "1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration."
But where does inspiration come from? Stories and perspectives from
folks who might know, including Pitt's newly anointed MacArthur fellow,
Elodie Ghedin, and scientific stars like J. Craig Venter.
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Of Note

  • Kensler cheered by China.
  • Dr. Watson, we presume.
  • Big showing in Small World.

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Closer [PDF 104 KB]
A new liver and a big heart.

[PDF 272 KB]
Summer of science.
Lasting vasculature.
Asthma aggravators.

Attending [PDF 329 KB]
Oh, the places you'll go, Pitt meder!

Alumni News [PDF 4.2 MB]
Jan Smith—we knew you when.
Imagining a universal vaccine.

Last Call [PDF 130 KB]
If you lived here, you'd be home by now.


The Natural

For his 12th birthday, Jeremy Berg received a copy of Linus Pauling's The Architecture of Molecules. Since then, he has helped scientists understand how DNA binds with proteins, become a department chair at 32, and directed an NIH institute. What's next? The University of Pittsburgh.
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Thanos Tzounopoulos has learned that tinnitus is a betrayal of our biology that's rooted in the very strengths that have contributed to humanity's success: memory, learning, and adaptability.
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