Winter 2012/13

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Out of Darkness

Panayotis Katsoyannis' journey began in war-torn Greece. After arriving in
Pittsburgh in the 1950s, he took on the enormous challenge of synthesizing
insulin, creating the first man-made protein. Many had initially assumed his
accomplishments were beyond the capabilities of chemistry.
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Of Note

  • Molecular glue, or something new?
  • The latest on concussions.

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Closer [PDF 152 KB]
BRA Day/Art Day.

[PDF 747 KB]
Will prostate cancer return?
Endostatin v. fibroids.
Molecular double agent.

Attending [PDF 1 MB]
Taming trauma in Colombia.

Alumni News [PDF 4.5 MB]
Dumanian's innovations in reinnervation.
Steinman to cancer: How does your garden grow?

Last Call [PDF 167 KB]
(Not) playing with fire.


To Screen or Not to Screen

Early detection testing—screening for disease before symptoms manifest—presents a litany of issues. But how much do we want to know? And how appropriate are the technologies we're using? At the recent science festival, Pitt experts
spoke to the confusion swirling around mammography, PSA tests, and CIMT.
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Visual Thinker

Kyongtae Bae pushes the art and application of computer-aided diagnosis.
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Big Shot

A new imaging suite allows researchers and docs to see what cancer and other diseases look like at the molecular level and throughout the body, all at once.
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