Get Thee to a Punnery!

Fall 2019

Twenty years of Pitt Med mag-ery. For these many moons, we’ve offered you our best headlines and other witticisms writ large. Thus, we feel entitled (oh, here we go) to a self-indulgent look back at some of our favorites. We present here a com-pun-dium, arranged by category, for those who can stomach it.  


Film and Television

Blood Brothers” (Fall 2014) 
Found in Translocation” (Spring 2014) 
The King of Peptides” (February 2005) 
Sleeping’s Beauty” (Summer 2012) 


Gins of the Fathers” (Fall 2014) 
Good Night, Manic Mouse” (Spring 2013)
Oh, the Places You’ve Been” (Summer 2014) 


Baby Burn” (Spring 2019)
Get on Up” (Spring 2015)

Fun and Games

Show and Telomeres” (Winter 2014)
Beta Up” (Fall 2012)
Play, Doctor” (Spring 2017)

Is That a Typo?

Damming Evidence” (Summer 2014)
Antidote Anecdote” (Summer 2017)
Viscous Cycle” (Spring 2011)
Yes we scan! Yes we scan!” (Spring 2019) 


An Ounce of Regeneration” (Summer 2015)
Sharpen Your Faculties” (Summer 2017)
Between a Clot and a Hard Place” (Spring 2018) 
Right Under Our Nodes” (May 2006) 

Oh, Come On

Chipped Liver” (Winter 2015) 
Gluteal Morning” (Spring 2007)
Skulldiggery” (Fall 2006)
Gains in Weight Research” (May 2006)
Eye on Glaucoma” (February 2006)
Ready or Clot” (Spring 2015)
HIV’s HOV” (Fall 2014)

And the Winner Is...

Monkey Knee, Freddie Fu” (Fall 2007) 
In 1991, Freddie Fu, chair of orthopaedic surgery, went to see what was ailing Johnny, a 12-year-old mandrill at the Pittsburgh Zoo who’d been grabbing and poking at his knee.