Team Twins

Summer 2017

Identical twins Crystal (left) and Christy Taylor (both of the Class of ’20) didn’t get competitive when it came to applying to medical school. But when it comes to video games?

Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter . . . We are very avid players,” says Christy, laughing.

The Taylors were raised in Florida, and each earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s degree in public health from the University of Miami. While in grad school, Crystal taught biostatistics, and Christy epidemiology. Christy notes that their public health training will help them address the social determinants of health as they provide care.

Their grandmother, a nursing assistant, piqued their interest in medicine.

“She’d always explain the importance of a profession that allows you to help people make life-changing decisions,” says Christy.

The twins endured some difficult life changes themselves before entering the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. When they were in high school, one of their parents struggled with a debilitating condition. Christy and Crystal eventually moved in with their grandmother; and after college, they struck out on their own. They say it was the kindness of people here that drew them to Pittsburgh, 1,200 miles from their grandmother.

They attend many of the same classes, and both light up when asked what specialty they’ll pursue.

“I hate dressing up,” says Crystal, who is interested in surgery. “I remember watching TV like, ‘Oh my gosh, doctors get to wear scrubs and sneakers? Sign me up!’”

“I hate dressing up, too,” says Christy. “But I’m leaning towards cardiology.”

And they’ll continue supporting one another. “We really balance each other out. We don’t really have anybody except each other,” says Crystal.