Without Fuss or Panic

Summer 2018














Found in the June 29, 1955 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: the above news item on a six-alarm fire at Scaife Hall, which was then still a work in progress. A follow-up in the next day’s Post-Gazette described how the blaze spread next door to adjoining Presbyterian Hospital. George Knarr, chief chef and a former firefighter, helped put out the fire at the hour he normally would have been preparing breakfast. When the flames had been doused ... Mr. Knarr, aided by many other hospital employes [sic], cleaned things up, and breakfast was only an hour late. Lunch was served on schedule.

And so it went throughout the hospital ... Within 30 minutes after smoke had begun to pour into the hospital and alarms had been sounded, nurses and doctors and other employes had completed evacuation of every patient without fuss or panic. Employes who were off duty heard of the fire and hurried to the hospital to be of service.
We like happy endings. Have a peek at Scaife Hall’s shiny new look.
Photo: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Scan courtesy Carnegie library Pennsylvania Room.