Fall 2011

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125 Years of Removing and Preventing the Ills to Which Flesh Is Heir

"Although the propriety of establishing a medical school here has been sharply
questioned by some, we will not attempt to argue the question. Results will determine whether or not the promoters of this enterprise were mistaken in their judgment and action. The city, we think, offers ample opportunity for all that is desirable in a first-class medical school, and if you will permit me to say it, the trustees and faculty propose to make this a first-class school."
—John Milton Duff, MD
Professor of Obstetrics, Western Pennsylvania Medical College, September 1886

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Of Note

  • Building a sad mouse.
  • Greenberger on Fukushima.
  • Dr. Piano.

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Closer [PDF 181 KB]
High-achieving high schooler.

[PDF 379 KB]
Parental stress and childhood asthma.
The rat-teen brain.

Attending [PDF 609 KB]
Partnering with Tsinghua:
A big deal? Simply put, yes.

Alumni News [PDF 2.1 MB]
Hefflin names names.
Ellis takes the path of least redundance.

Last Call [PDF 333 KB]
Keeping it in the family.