Summer 2009

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For the Good
of the Child

In 1951, Esther Bubley came to Children’s Hospital with a slew of cameras. The scenes of caring she documented never made it to the pages of Life magazine as intended, but they are now the foundation of a documentary by filmmaker Ken Love and his wife, pediatrician Barbara McNulty (MD ’75).
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Of Note

  • Emergency medicine abroad.
  • Making sense of medical records in Malawi.
  • Separation without anxiety.

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Closer [PDF 186 KB]
Practice makes perfect in the move to the new Children’s Hospital.

[PDF 414 KB]
Preparing for the fallout.
Function at the neuromuscular junction.

Attending [PDF 315 KB]
Alumnus Jim Withers on taking
medicine to the streets.

Alumni News [PDF 4.4 MB]
Probing preeclampsia.
Is there a (Pitt) doctor in the (White) House?

Last Call [PDF 126 KB]
Hands and minds and hearts.


Welcome to the Dark Side

Cured meats, beets, and a bit of olive oil could be on the menu for cardioprotection. Could nitrates and nitrites be the secret to the Mediterranean diet? Pitt docs defend the honor of maligned molecules and look to new therapies.
[PDF 450 KB]

The Heart of the Matter

Cecilia Lo–founding chair of Pitt’s new Department of Developmental Biology–
is on an exhaustive search for the mutations behind congenital heart defects.
[PDF 167 KB]

In the Shadow of a Stroke

Jun Chen and Peter Vosler may have found a way to limit the damage caused by stroke by leading cells back from the brink of death.
[PDF 402 KB]