WINTER 2008/09

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Closing the Loop
on Asthma

A severe asthma attack can feel like inhaling through a straw. Pitt scientists
circle from man to mouse and back again to ease each breath.
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Of Note

  • O’Malley goes to Washington.
  • The matchmaker revealed.
  • A heartfelt connection.

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Closer [PDF 228 KB]
The doc-mobile.

[PDF 300 KB]
Yeh’s X-ray vision.
From bench to battlefield.
An ally against pneumonia.

Attending [PDF 345 KB]
In the postwar years,
plastic surgery hit its stride.

Alumni News [PDF 275 KB]
And they’re off.
Entrusted with America’s data.

Last Call [PDF 345 KB]
Man walks boat.


When Medicine Imitates Life

Steven Little’s lab crafts synthetic dendrites and Trojan horse drug-delivery systems inspired by nature.
[PDF 568 KB]

A Matter of Some Urgency

W. Chet de Groat has discovered much of what we know about a critical organ system.
[PDF 108 KB]

Nightmares, Past and Future

As a callow trainee, Pitt grad Frank Vertosick had the confidence of Achilles. It took a Vietnam veteran to teach the young neurosurgeon humility.
[PDF 484] KB